By Gautami Kongara


Who would have thought that even the best brand of shampoos could affect your health besides damaging your hair? We spend a fortune on products that effectively damage hair with each wash.

The best shampoos in the market make money from their brand image. Shampoos generate a thick lather to clean hair that creates dryness, frizziness, dullness rather than rejuvenate hair.

Research suggests that most don’t look out for ingredients but go with the brand image. Here is a list of certain chemicals which are used in most shampoos and will expose you to unnecessary health risks.

Try buying shampoos that do not contain these chemicals; Sodium Laureth Sulfate usually found in nearly every popular brand of shampoo and body wash. It could lead to irritation and have an abrasive affect on the skin and hair. Methylisothiazoline, a preservative may lead to the onset of Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders. Phthalates, can cause problems in reproductive and hormonal system, especially in young and developing children. Formaldehyde, can cause allergy reactions and damage the nervous system. Other allergic and skin irritants which you should avoid in your shampoo are Propylene Glycol,  strong fragrance or parfumAmmonium Chloride.

Gone are the old days when our granny’s would insist that we use Reetha (Kunkudukai) to wash hair. A natural cleanser like soapnut can also be used. Use of a plant oil-based and petroleum-free organic shampoo, though costlier these shampoos produce minimal lather and cause minimal harm to the environment and you.