Women from all different departments, schools and administrative sections of the University of Hyderabad came forward to celebrate Mehendi function as a part of rituals performed in the month of Ashada.

The women’s forum of the University of Hyderabad organised a Mehendi function on 7th August 2015 at Women’s Forum hall located near Administrative block. Around 70 to 80 women from the University participated in the auspicious function and adorned their hands with Mehendi. Aasma Begum, an 18 year old Mehendi  applier, painted the palms of the participants with intricate designs.

According to Vijaya crdReddy, President of Women’s Forum, UoH, the main objective of this function has both scientific as well as a ritualistic significance. The fourth month of the Hindu calendar, Ashada, marks the end of summer and the beginning of the monsoon. Applying Mehendi  absorbs the body heat and thus helps women to cope with this drastic climatic change.

The Women’s Forum of UoH have been organising the function since last year. Bedapati, member of  Women’s forum stated that for the next year they are looking forward to organize the event on a larger scale and with more participants.

With all the women laughing, chatting and having a good time while having their palms painted, the event had an air of festivity.

Talking about her experience of participating in the function, UoH staff member, Manjula says, “It was a very different experience, this is the first time I got this done and I really liked it.”