by Rebecca G 

software icons collage in the shape of a light bulb

Tools of the modern age

Software are the tools of the new age. Almost everything we do requires a software giving us the advantage of technology; instant communication, reduced errors, automation of mechanical tasks and more time for leisure. Our tools and methods define our work. A small list of the ‘must have’ software are listed below for an efficient work flow.  All of the software mentioned are free to use and accessible to most.

A list of software for students


Google CalendarGoogle Calendar is a free time management web application that helps people organize their daily work and important dates such as timetable or exam schedule.

To Do Lists 

Wunderlist: Having a to-do list with the tasks of the day is always handy and leaves your head free to think of more important things.


Openoffice: This is an open source software having a word processor, slide presentation and spreadsheet application. It is available free of cost and does not require any license for any operating system.

Google Drive
: A cloud based office suite with real time collaboration allowing several users to work on the same document at once.


Piktochart is a very useful and easy to use web based application that is so simple that anyone can design a very good presentation for free.

Mind maps

Coggle is extremely useful and presents extremely simple images that can be used to make useful notes are easy to understand. Coggle is easy to use to create mind maps.

Online Storage
Dropbox is the most popular website for online storage.

Merriam Webster is a handy website for checking on spellings and synonyms.

Reference Management 

Colwiz, developed by students at the University of Oxford, helps researchers organise their research, manage their citations and collaborate with team members. Short for collective wisdom, Colwiz is web based and allows users to work from anywhere.

Citavi, also a reference manager, is a windows software with an add-on for MS Word.

Bibme is a very useful web app for getting the  format for citation in a single click


UoH has subscribed to quite a few academic journal libraries such as Jstor. These are accessible on any PC in the campus (labs and library).